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Use Triletics Resistance Bands for Resistance Training Exercises

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In our last blog, we mentioned that our resistance bands are perfect for every traveling entrepreneur. If you wish that you were more of a traveler, but you have a couple of kids and are a stay at home mom, don’t worry, our bands are perfect for home use as well. Resistance bands are easy to use, even your kids could do a workout with you!

We keep our promises! We said we would tell you more about our Triletics resistance bands. To start off, did you know that we have three different Triletics CardioBands to choose from? That’s right, we have three! You have the choice to perform all of the resistance training exercises that we have introduced to you with either the CardioBands Double Pack, CardioBands Pro Pack or the CardioBands Single Pack. All of these CardioBands training systems will be able to get you into the shape you have always wanted to be in, but choose wisely. If you’re looking to double up your cardio sessions by connecting it to your cardio machine, the CardioBands Single won’t do. Though it has 7 levels of resistance that you can choose from, it is the only resistance band that does not connect to machines you’re using. Look for our next blog to learn more of the features that our resistance bands have. Start shopping online today for a resistance band that you want to make your partner in crime during your home gym resistance training exercises.