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Shoulder Resistance Training Exercises

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During our last blog, we went over a great technique on how to get killer biceps with our bicep curl resistance training exercise. Triletics is a great tool for you to use anywhere, anytime! We promised you that in this blog we will introduce to you a new exercise you could be using to tone up and strengthen your shoulders like never before.

  1. Just like in our previous workout, you will need to find a secure footing to clip your Triletics multi-purpose belt on.
  2. Feed the bands into the buckle.
  3. You will again palm the handles of the resistance bands, but this time you will be facing away from the Triletics bands.
  4. In a steady motion, you will press the handles to the ceiling. Make sure you really engage your trapezius muscles, which are the shoulder shrugging muscles. When you press up, really be sure to engage that muscle at the top.
  5. Do this exercise with 4 sets at 12 reps. You can do each arm individually or you can do the shoulder presses at the same time.

Another great tip is to superset the shoulder exercise with the bicep curls by alternating sets. We hope this great resistance training exercise will help you to get your daily workout in before you leave for work, or during the day when you have a few minutes. Make sure you stay tuned for our next blog where we will be explain how you can tone up your pectoral muscles like never before.