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Pectoral Resistance Training Exercises

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In our last blog, we introduced you to a new way of working out your shoulders with resistance training exercises. Our resistance training exercise series will teach you about how you can get stronger pecs in no time. First, have you purchased your Triletics system yet? If you have, you are ready to start!

  1. To begin, choose a band that has a good level of resistance where you can complete 8 to 10 repetitions without failure.
  2. Connect your Triletics resistance band to something sturdy at shoulder height. Once you’ve connected your system and looped your resistance bands through the hole, you will turn around.
  3. Have your back facing the resistance bands systems and hold the handles with your palms facing down and out like, you’re giving a high five.
  4. Take a few steps out from the connection point to create tension in the resistance bands. You will take both arms and press straight out. Make sure you’re keeping your core strong.
  5. You should complete about 4 rounds of 10-12 repetitions.

We hope that the above workout will help you to become stronger in your pectoral region! For more great tips on how you can be using your resistance training exercises to your benefit, we invite you to check back in a few days to learn about how you can use resistance training to get your upper back stronger than ever before! Be sure you purchase the Triletics bands you need to make this movement a challenge.