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Lateral Deltoid Resistance Training Exercises

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In our last blog, we wrote about resistance bands and the benefits that come with using them. If you have been reading all of our past blogs, then you will be excited about this one! In the past, we have written great posts about different resistance training exercises you could be using to tone up and show off the fantastic muscles that you have been working hard for! Because we have taught you some useful training exercises in the past that we have heard some awesome feedback from, we are going to continue our resistance training exercises streak! Today we are going to concentrate on your deltoids! Buff up your lateral deltoids with the following resistance training exercise and become stronger than ever!

  1. To start off this awesome and muscle building movement, you will have to purchase one of our Triletics systems. Once you have a resistance band from Triletics in your possession, you’ll start by standing on one half of the resistance band close to the handle. Your feet should be spread shoulder distance apart.
  2. The other handle should gripped well by the opposite hand.
  3. Now, keeping your arm straight, you will laterally raise your arm, keeping your palm down.
  4. Make sure to raise your arm up, parallel with your shoulder, if not a little higher.
  5. Do this movement on each arm, performing 3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions at a time.

We hope you feel the burn while performing this resistance training exercise. Check back at the end of the week learn another deltoid resistance band exercise from Triletics.