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Hamstrings Resistance Training Exercises

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If you love resistance training exercises and you’ve found our blog extremely helpful, then you will love this post! During this blog, we will be concentrating on a part of your posterior chain, the hamstrings. Hamstrings are another big muscle group just like the quadriceps. If you are searching to tone and strengthen your legs, then you must not forget to strengthen your hammies! To complete this exercise you will need a couple of items, a resistance band from Triletics and a pole or another item that is very sturdy, so that you can put a lot of resistance and pressure on.

  1. You will tie the resistance band off on the bottom of whatever sturdy structure you are using for this exercise.
  2. Next, wrap the resistance band around your left ankle and step backwards to create tension in the resistance band. At this point you should be facing the band and the the structure that you have tied the band off to.
  3. While keeping your legs straight, gently start moving your heel behind and upward like you are ice skating on one leg. Bring your left leg as high up as you can without losing your balance. The goal is to use your hamstring to bring your leg back and up to be parallel with the ground that your right leg is standing firm beneath you.
  4. Once you have completed 3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions on your left leg, switch and do step 1 through 3 on your right leg.

Complete this exercise 3 times a week to tone up your posterior chain and become well balanced with increased strength! As always, stay tuned for our next series of resistance training exercises!