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Front Deltoid Resistance Training Exercises

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If you are absolutely loving the previous resistance training exercise that involved your lateral deltoid muscles, you will love today’s prescribed workout! With the workout that we are providing for you today, you will be able to work intensely to achieve rock hard arms that will show toned definition! Say goodbye to sleeved shirts, and hello to the sleeveless. Let’s get to work toning up the front of your deltoids!

  1. Just like the last movement that revolved around your lateral deltoids, you’ll need one of our Triletics systems. Once you have received your go-to resistance bands, you’ll be set to start!
  2. With your feet shoulder distance apart, you will stand on one half of the resistance band, and in the other hand you will grip the handle with the palm down.
  3. While standing firm and keeping your arm straight, you will raise your arm that is holding the other handle of the Triletics resistance band out in front of you. Raise to parallel and return to the start position down by your side.
  4. Just like the lateral deltoid exercise, you will perform this resistance training exercise by performing 3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions at a time.

This resistance training exercise is sure to cause you to feel the burn! When you start to get good at this exercise and it starts becoming easier and easier as weeks pass, order another resistance band with a higher resistance! To learn more great resistance training exercises, keep following our awesome resistance bands blog! Look out for our next blog where you will learn the best lat resistance training exercise you can perform with Triletics!